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How To Puppy Proof Your Apartment

How To Puppy Proof Your Apartment

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How To Puppy Proof Your Apartment

Oh the joys of being a pet parent — From their cute little paws to their enormous levels of curiosity, having a puppy is an extremely fun experience no matter the age. Raising a puppy requires a certain level of patience and care because although they are not human, they still have to be taught simple tasks that may seem redundant. However, with the right amount of love and patience, your pup will be just as obedient as intended. But first, you must prep your apartment just like you would essentially for a toddler — Here are a few tips for puppy-proofing your apartment.


Your New Pup Will Love These Amenities

To begin, East of Eleven offers many great amenities that allow you to live harmoniously with your pets. Inside, our apartments feature an open floorplan and hardwood-style flooring. These two amenities together make for an easier way to keep your home tidy. Moreover, open space makes for an accommodating place for your pets. Most four-legged animals need ample space to roam around, so they don’t become unruly or too energetic while roaming about your apartment.

Outdoors, we feature a pet washing station you will love, which makes for an easier wash day prep and execution for residents.

Rental-Friendly Ways To Ensure You Get Your Deposit Back

Next, puppy-proofing your apartment is essential to keeping up the quality of your home. You want to make sure that if or when you move out, the apartment is still in the great condition it was on your move-in day. Most places will deduct from your security deposit for damages, so purchasing a doggy gate, for example, is a great way to keep your pets and specific areas of your apartment safe.

We Welcome Your New Addition

East of Eleven apartments welcomes your pets with open arms! The community does not have breed or weight restrictions on pets. In support of the resident’s pet journey, we also offer a $150 adoption reimbursement if you adopt from a local shelter.

Whether you have decided to go on the journey to pet parenthood or are still unsure, make sure you do your research to be the best pet parent you can be!

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