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DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition into Thanksgiving

DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition into Thanksgiving

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What could be more exciting than two major holidays only a few weeks apart? Halloween is right around the corner and Fall 2021 decorations promise some exciting things. Get your East of Eleven Portland Apartment ready with exciting fall decor that transitions effortlessly from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Interior decor changes should be thrilling and bring on the seasonal celebrations!


Why DIY?

What could be better than making Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations yourself? Save money by making decorations that match both holidays.

Fall colors are bright orange, yellow and red. Use these colors to boost your creativity when crafting interior decorations for your home. Several Halloween decorations fit between these holidays. The holidays are all about family, friends, and good food.

Making your decorations will allow you to spend more time with the people you love. You will feel a sense of satisfaction and completion when you make your creations. Display your creativity proudly.


Get Inspired by These Decor Ideas

Start by removing any decorations that symbolize Halloween. Add Thanksgiving-themed decorations by setting up a holiday look with wall art, flowers, wreaths, decorative table accents, and pillows and blankets in earthy tones. Use a unique frame and match the image to the holiday or season.

Add wall art with sayings such as "thankful," "gather," and "grateful." Strategically place uncarved pumpkins by the front door, on the patio table, above the mantel, or on the dining room table as a centerpiece. Add miniature garlands around pumpkins, then, sprinkle artificial leaves in autumnal hues over the decorations to create an effortless transition.

Make your home smell like fall. Boil up cinnamon, apple peels, whole cloves, and orange rings.


Fall 2021 Apartment Living

Do not be afraid to play around with ideas. The most important thing is to remove any decorations that are explicitly for Halloween. Take what's left, add a few fall items, and voila. In no time, you'll have Thanksgiving decorations that are warm, inviting, and beautiful.

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