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Get Ready for Spring Cleaning In Your East of Eleven Apartment

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning In Your East of Eleven Apartment

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With spring just around the corner, it's time for everyone to get ready for spring cleaning. Make sure your East of Eleven apartment looks tidy by planning a weekend of decluttering and organizing. Here are some tips to help you get ready for the Spring-cleaning season ahead.


How to Declutter and Get Ready for Spring

Decluttering your home can be stress-free and straightforward with some planning and preparation. Setting aside just a few minutes each day to get rid of junk you don't need can make a big difference, leaving your home looking neater and more spacious by the day.

By taking photos of your countertops with and without your stuff on them, you'll be able to see what they could look like after you've cleaned. Ask a friend to help you decide what stays and what goes to make the process a little easier. Since they don't have a tie to the belongings, they might be able to provide some valuable insight that you'd overlook otherwise.


Tips and Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Take advantage of a few easy hacks while improving the organization of your home. Here are some that might be helpful:

  • Inventory your kitchen: Remove unused containers that are clogging up your cupboard. Make more room for the stuff you need.
  • Organize your rooms and clothes: Keep your dirty clothes and socks sorted in a hamper to make your washing easier. Put shoes and toys away to make your home more presentable.
  • Uphold the golden rule: Everything must have its place. Schedule a time on your calendar and work through one room at a time until you've found a place for the things you're keeping, and then donate the things you don't need.


Spring Cleaning Services in Portland

If time isn't on your side, several cleaning services in Portland can help. Even if you dedicate a little time each day to cleaning, it will make a difference. When you finish, you'll have a clean apartment to enjoy!

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